Real Estate 
Investor's Summit
Real Estate Investor's Summit
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February 15-18, 2024    
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Michele Romanow
Dragon's Den TV Personality
Co-Founder Clearbanc
100 Most Powerful Women In Canada
Born & Raised In Calgary
Ken Dunn
Founder:  Cottage Dream Vacations
Vacation Property Investor
Vacation Resort Developer
Canadian Housing Advocate
Mel & Dave Dupuis
Co-Founders: The Action Family
Multi-Family Experts
100M Multi-Family Portfolio
Michele Romanow
Dragon's Den TV Personality
Co-Founder Clearbanc
100 Most Powerful Women In Canada
Born & raised In Calgary
Ken Dunn
Founder:  Cottage Dream Vacations
Vacation Property Investor
Vacation Resort Developer
Mel & Dave Dupuis
Co-Founders:  The Action Family
Multi-Family Experts
100M Multi-Family Porfolio
Courtney & Melanie Atkinson
Real Estate Expert
Helping Investors To Get a 
Real Estate License
Andrea Warkentin
Development Expert
Multi-Family/Hospitality Portfolio

Courtney & Melanie Atkinson
Real Estate Expert
Helping Investors To Get a 
Real Estate License
Andrea Warkentin
Development Expert
Multi-Family/Hospitality Portfolio
Simon Yan
Condo Flipping Expert
9 Figure Portfolio
Dwight Martin
Co-Founder, Axiom Advisors
Mutual Fund Expert
Tony Marinov
Wholesaling Freedom
7 Figure Wholesaler
Craig Marler
General Manager
Marketing Development Projects
Kyle Ford
One of Canada's Top Investor's Focussed Mortgage Brokers.

Darren Mitchell
Founder & CEO - Control & Compound Financial
RE Investing Expert

 February 15-18, 2024

 Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel

2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta

True Freedom Starts With a Passive Real Estate Investment Portfolio!

Learn From Elite Real Estate Experts 

Tony Marinov
Wholesaleing Expert

Simon Yan
Condo Flipping Expert
9 Figure Portfolio
Dwight Martin
Co-Founder Axiom Advisors
Mutual Fund Trust Expert
Darren Mitchell
Founder & CEO - Control & Compound Financial
RE Investing Expert
Kyle Ford
One of Canada's Top Real Estate Investor Focussed Mortgage Brokers

The #1 question that we get asked is "How do I invest in real estate if I don't have a lot of capital?"
This is going to be a big part of the training at the Real Estate Investor's Summit.

There are several ways for you to start down the real estate road without significant capital:

> syndicates
> private partnerships
> silent partner funded
> your primary residence
> registered funds; and
> so much more

We will be diving deep into each of these topics at the event.

We're also going to show folks how to get into wholesale selling. This means selling properties for the owners through assignable contracts.

The best way to start is small strategic investments or working for equity.  

Real Estate Investment Panel

Take part in a panel discussion with Canadian Real Estate Investment Experts On The 
"State Of the Canadian Real Estate Investment Market"

There are 4 major reasons that we are hosting this summit:

1.  Getting Started:  More people than ever are wanting to get into Real Estate Investing and they don't know where to start.  The summit will give attendees a clear path;

2. Finding Funds:  This is the #1 questions we get asked all the time.  Where can I find capital for investing.  We will lay out 6 major strategies that investors are using in today's market; 

3. Partnerships:  If you talk to any successful Real Estate Investor, they will explain that they have a team of partners that they do deals with.  They have go-to mortgage brokers, agents, funders and repair professionals.  We will show people how to form their own partnerships; and 

4. New Vetted Deals:  The largest part of our attendees are experienced investors that are wanting to meet new people, and find new deals.  We will be showcasing 6-10 new deals that are currently open in the market.  These deal will be vetted and deemed to follow Ontario Securities Guidelines that protect the investor.

Investors are advised to do proper due diligence and consult with their own legal advisors before investing in any real estate deal.

Networking With Other 
Real Estate Investing Enthusiasts

There will be plenty of time to meet other investors, share your ideas, exchange information and create new exciting partnerships.  VIPs will be joining us at a private cocktail party after the event.  There are only 167 VIP Tickets left.  
Details are on the next page.

At The Summit, you will learn how to find your own dilapidated old cottage, renovate it, and turn it into a 6 figure income stream, while still enjoying it with your family! 

This property was purchased as-is.  Ken's team renovated with a $200,000 budget provided through private 2nd mortgage financing.  On completion, the value was increased by 80% and the property was refinanced, playing back the reno funds.  The property now brings in $200,000 in net income and provides an oasis for Ken's family. 

Ken will be teaching attendees every step in this process, so you can get your own dream cottage, make 6 figures with it and get other people paying the expenses, through short-term rentals.

Our Faculty Trainers Will Be Teaching:

Finding Ideal Properties

There are always properties that are perfect for acquisition and renovation.  You will learn specific strategies that you can use to find your properties.

Putting Capital To Work!

Using your registered funds, partnering with silent investors, taking equity out of primary residence, using grants and government loans.'


One of the best ways to get into real estate investing is not low yield flipping.  Average returns are in the $20K to $50K range, but it is the perfect way to get started.  Capital is not tied up long so investors are more willing to fund these project for you.


Buy-Renovate-Refinance-Rent.  This is the industry terms that describes the buy and hold strategy that will will be sharing with attendees.  We will also be showing you a side-by-side comparison to the short term vacation rental market and the long term traditional rental market.


Private Facebook Group

Let's Get This Party Started Now!

Surrounding yourself with people who support you and encourage you to be your BEST is a catalyst for growth. after you buy your ticket,  you will be invited into our Private Real Estate Investors Facebook Group.  You will get the chance to meet other people, take part in online trainings & join the tribe.   Also the replays for the event will be dropped in the Facebook group so you can rewatch things that were important.

Refer Your Friends & Colleagues...

After you have purchased your ticket, you can sign up, at no extra charge, to join our referral program...

You will receive 40% of the sales from any buyers you refer.

There are over $5,000 in cash and prizes that will be awarded to our top affiliates.

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About Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn is the founder of Cottage Dream Vacations, a real estate company that is focussed on renovating cottage properties and turning them into amazing family getaways. Cottage Dream Vacations has properties in The Muskokas, Kawarthas and Prince Edward County in Ontario.

Ken has successfully grown, and exited, from businesses in the mortgage industry, property management, direct sales and publishing industries.

Today, Ken is focussed on his latest project the Hay Bay Resort, a boutique cottage resort based in Prince Edward County & teaching entrepreneurs how to acquiring their dream cottage properties with no money down and renting on Airbnb to cover costs!

Ken is from Toronto, Canada where he lives with his wife/best-friend of 23 years, Julie and their kids Laura and Matthew.


Thursday, Feb 15, 2024

5pm: Elite registration opens at the Conference Center 

7pm: Elite Cocktail Party & Mixer with Special Guests

Friday, Feb 16, 2024

8am: VIP Registration Opens

10am:  VIP Exclusive Event Begins

12:30pm:  Lunch Break & Mixer

2pm: VIP Event Afternoon Session

5pm:  Dinner Break (on your own)

5pm:  General Registration Opens

7pm:  VIP Cocktail Party

Saturday, Feb 17, 2024

7am:   Registration Opens

9 am:  Event begins

12:05 pm:  Lunch Break

1:15pm:  Afternoon session begins

6pm:  Dinner Break (on your own)

7 pm:  VIP Cocktail Party

Sunday,  Feb 18, 2024

8:30 am: Event begins

12:30 pm: Lunch Break

2pm: afternoon session begins

6pm: Event Ends

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Real Estate Investor's Summit for
This event is for anyone who is serious about adding real estate investing to their portfolio, whether it is through their register investments or no-registered investments.  Real Estate Investing is one of the most proven strategies for creating sustainable wealth.

What are the dates for the event? 
This event will take place from Feb 15-18, 2024, in Calgary, Alberta, at the Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel, 2620 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta

Can I bring a spouse or business partner?
Each attendee must hold their own ticket.  The attendance is limited to 500 people.  It is first come - first serve.  Every attendee must have a ticket.

Can I get a refund if I can't attend the event?
We are not offering refunds or the transfer of tickets for this event.  All ticket sales are final.

What do I need to bring?
A smile, a good attitude, and a passion for getting your product, program, and/or services out to the masses. The event will be jam-packed with some of the brightest minds in real estate investing, so make sure to stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.  Make sure you work the room and get to know others as your future real estate JV partners will be there with you.

Can I Pitch My Real Estate Venture at the Event?
We have limited opportunities for venture presentations but because there are going to be 500 people in the room who are looking for investments.  If you are interested in presenting your opportunity you must purchase an Elite ticket first and commit to attending.  On the Elite ticket confirmation page, there are instructions on how to apply for one of our 10 minute main stage pitch spots.

Due diligence will be carried out to ensure that each opportunity pitched is compliant with Ontario Securities Exchange Rules or applicable fund-raising rules.

A fee will be paid for the opportunity - first come first serve.

Is There A Discounted Hotel Room Rate At The Event?
Yes, there is a hotel room block reserved.  These room are going fast and there are only 100 available.  After you buy your ticket, you will be redirected to the hotel website to reserve your seat.

What is the schedule for the weekend?
See the event agenda section above.

Have other questions? 
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